Title: Of Dragonballs and Duel Monsters
Chapter: 8/?
Author: Murasaki Rose
Beta: none
Genre: Action/Adventure/Alternate Universe/Comedy/Crossover/Drama/Fantasy/Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Duelist Kingdom
Warnings: Some shonen-ai, swearing, and violence.
Pairings: YxYY, YBxR, other pairings later.
Disclaimer:  Here we go. Yu-Gi-Oh and all it's characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment. Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT are all the property of Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Toei Animation, and Funimation Inc.  In other words, I don't own any of them and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.  However, Jianu, her family, all other OCs in this story, and the Dragonball Guardian idea are mine.  If you'd like to borrow them, please ask me first and give proper credit.

AN: "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy, /text/ = hikari to yami mindlink, (/text/) = yami to hikari mindlink, #text# = English


Chapter 8 - A Little Honesty

Opening theme:  Higher and Higher


"Okay people!  Let's grab the kids and get the hell out of here!" Debra yelled, cutting through the other senshi's shocked states.  "Goku!  You help me carry these two!"

The cheerful saiya-jin quickly complied, wrapping an arm around a startled Kaiba's waist while Jianu's mother turned to her nephew.

#Yugi honey, are you okay to fly?# she asked, unconsciously switching to English.

Instead of verbally answering, Yugi closed his eyes and carefully focused his ki.  For a moment, his hair and clothing moved as if he was standing in a slow-moving column of wind, then the same aura from before flared around him and he lifted a few inches off the ground.

#All right then, take my arm and hang on,# she told him, turning to Kaiba as her own aura flared into view.  "Keep a tight hold on her," the auburn-haired senshi instructed, securing her grip on Jianu as Yugi curled his arms around one of hers.  Kaiba opened his mouth to say . . . something . . when the whole group of senshi took to the air with Yugi-tachi in tow.


Landing at Capsule Corp, Debra and Goku wasted no time hauling the three teenagers into the infirmary.  Still holding onto Jianu, Debra and Kaiba lay the girl down on one of the tables while Goku called Bulma over the intercom system.

Moments later, the aqua-haired genius arrived, Jianu's father only steps behind her, just in time to hear a now wide-awake Jianu curse loudly as her mother peeled her bloody clothing away from her shoulder.

Taking in Jianu's shirtless state and the two blushing teenage boys facing the wall, Bulma realized that Debra must have made them help remove the girl's top.  "What happened?" she asked, heading for the supply cabinet.

"We got shot with armor-piercing rounds," a new voice answered as the other Guardians piled into the room.  "Chujitsu had one round go clean through his arm and the rest of us have minor graze wounds," Akira explained.   "Looks like Jianu got the worst of it this time," he continued after getting a good look at her shoulder.

"Augh!  I'm shirtless you perverts!  Turn around!" she shrieked, her right hand glowing as she prepared to blast the five male Guardians.  Feeling sympathetic to the other female Guardian, Marion smacked the five boys in the back of their heads, earning a few scowls and half-hearted glares that she easily ignored.

"No firing ki inside Jianu," Tim lightly admonished his daughter while handing her a blanket to cover her chest.  "It's safe now boys," he told Yugi and Seto after Jianu got herself covered, smiling in amusement as they cautiously turned around.

"Hi Uncle Tim," Yugi greeted, moving to get a better look at Jianu's wound.  Kaiba followed just a step behind, but he wasn't focusing on Jianu just yet.  Unlike Yugi, this was the first time he had seen Jianu's parents and he couldn't help but compare them to the two cousins.  Debra Kreiger was a beautiful woman of average height, with slightly layered, shoulder-length auburn hair that curled outward at the bottom and bangs that went slightly to her right.  She had the same large, blue-gray eyes Jianu had (though hers weren't nearly as large) and had clearly passed on most of her facial features to her oldest as well, though she had a faintly darker skin-tone than Jianu's.  Looking at her father, Kaiba could easily see the similarities here as well, but he still had no idea where her height had come from.  Tim Kreiger only stood about 6 centimeters taller than his wife, putting them both well below their daughter in height, and had deep brown eyes and a surprisingly athletic build.  (From what he knew, Jianu's father was college professor with a degree in parapsychology, a field that definitely did not require athleticism.)  Seeing his hair, Kaiba know knew exactly who Jianu got her crazy hair from.  For the most part, Tim had normal short-cut brown hair, except for the the two bright red locks of hair in the middle of his otherwise normal bangs.  Tim also had large eyes and there were similarities in the shape of the nose and other more subtle areas that Kaiba saw in both Jianu and Yugi.

Having gathered everything she needed, Bulma nudged Goku out of her way with one hip while dropping a bundle of gauze and tape into his arms.  "All right!  Son-kun, Tim-kun, you two patch up the rest of the kids while Debra and I take care of Jianu-chan okay?" she told them, her tone leaving no room for argument.  "Now let's see how bad this really is . . ."


Twenty minutes later Bulma had managed to remove the bullets embedded in Jianu's shoulder and the other Guardians had been completely patched up.  Now all that remained was for Jianu to eat a senzu and take a long shower.

Holding the bean in her right hand, Jianu called Kaiba over.  "Before I take this I want you to get a good look at my shoulder."

Knowing he owed her at least that much, the brunet reluctantly did as she asked, wincing when he saw the gaping wounds left behind.

"That looks awful, Jianu-chan!  Why would you want to show anyone that!" Yugi exclaimed, surprising Kaiba.  He hadn't noticed that the smaller teen had moved to stand beside him.

"You know how senzu (1) work, Yugi.  I wanted Kaiba to see that my injuries are real so he'll believe it when he sees the result."

The brunet looked sharply at the tri-colored girl, "What are you talking about?"

Jianu smiled mysteriously, "Just get a good look at my shoulder, touch it if you need to . . . 'cause you won't believe what's gonna happen next."

Having heard of the legendary genius minds in the Briefs family and thinking that Bulma-san or her father had come up with a device that could heal her, Kaiba did as she asked.  Mindful of the pain she was in, he delicately skimmed his fingers over the torn and bleeding skin.  The bullet wounds were deep, going a good 8 or 9 cm into her shoulder and it was obvious her muscles had been torn on entry.

"So you believe this is as nasty as it looks?" she asked softly when she felt his hands leave her shoulder.

Nodding, Kaiba was confused by the mischievous grin she gave him.  "Then watch closely and get ready to have your mind blown," the teenage senshi stated, putting the bean in her mouth and crunching down.

Jianu swallowed and less than a second later her muscles rippled and the wounded flesh mended itself perfectly.  The blood on the surface of her skin the only remainder of her injury.  Unable to believe his own eyes, Kaiba reached forward and ran his hands across the smooth skin of her shoulder . . . her uninjured shoulder. "How-?"

"Magic," Bulma answered him, smiling warmly at the shocked teen.  "I know it's hard to believe at first, but I've been seeing amazing things like this since I was your age and it's as real as anything found by science."

Gently steering the younger genius towards the door Bulma continued talking to the teen, she knew firsthand how overwhelming one's first encounter with magic could be . . . even when you believed in it.

"Come with me and I'll tell you and your friends the whole story while Jianu-chan gets cleaned up."

"They're not my friends."

Smiling softly at his indignant declaration, Debra came over and gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze.  "All right, your classmates then," she amended indulgently, winking at Bulma behind the brunet's back.  Grinning, Goku patted Jianu on the back before following his friends out the door.  Chuckling and shaking his head, Tim gave Jianu a hug and ruffled Yugi's hair, "You coming?" he asked his nephew as he headed for the door.

"Well, I need to talk to Jianu-chan, but I should probably make sure my friends are okay . . ."

Getting off the examination table, Jianu waved the smaller teen off.  "Go on ahead.  I have to take a shower first anyway.  That should give you plenty of time to make sure everyone's okay."


It turned out that he didn't have to worry about his friends after all.  The other Z senshi had already been working to calm the Domino teens, so Yugi opted to stay behind while everyone else entered the large family room.  Now, standing just out of sight, Yugi smiled at the expressions on his friends' faces as they were regaled with the tales of the Z senshi.  Being family, he already knew all the stories by heart and he sincerely hoped that his friends would be as accepting of Jianu's secret as they had been of his.

(/You know your friends wouldn't turn her away./)

/Saa. But this is a lot to swallow./

Yugi could feel his other shaking his head, (/It won't matter. Jianu is still Jianu.   Didn't Jonouchi say the same of you?/)

Despite his worries the small hikari grinned, /Aaa, when I told him and Anzu about you./

(/So you'll stop worrying now?/)

/I never said that./

(/ . . . . . . /)


Walking down the vaguely familiar hallway, Yugi checked the doors as he went, looking for one in particular.  Finding a door with a brightly painted image of the three-star dragonball and Jianu's name printed in English and Japanese underneath it, he knocked before entering the room.  "Jianu-chan?"

The sound of the shower running answered him, so the small teen took the time to re-familiarize himself with his cousin's room.  It'd been over a year since he'd last been to Capsule Corp, so there weren't a lot of changes:  She'd updated her band poster and had added an awesome one from the latest American Duel Monsters Championship.  On the shelves above her desk were several garage kit figures of her favorite anime and game characters, along with several painstakingly detailed Duel Monsters.  It was while Yugi was taking a closer look at the dragons that his darker half caught sight of something that shocked him to the core.

(/Aibou, is that-?/) Yami no Yugi started to ask, staring at something on the lowest shelf.

Looking where his yami's attention was directed, Yugi felt his own eyes go wide at seeing a disturbingly familiar glove lying innocently on the shelf, right next to the actual three-star dragonball.


Turning around to face his cousin, he grinned at the tall girl, now dressed in a pair of black sweatpants and a mint green tank top, exiting her bathroom while toweling her long tri-colored hair vigorously.

"You got invited to Duelist Kingdom?" he asked, gesturing towards the Dueling glove.

Jianu scowled, "Yeah.  I would have been there too, if it hadn't been for Pilaf going after the Dragonballs on the first day of the competition."

"Are you serious?"

"Uh-huh.  For some reason he started going after them like his life depended on it.  Kept throwing men and ammunition at us like it was going out of style."  Sigh.  "That time during Duelist Kingdom he actually had six of the dragonballs and was closing in on the seventh by the time we got to him."

"How'd he manage that?!"

"Apparently, he'd had his men find them all before he brought them together and we just barely stopped him.  That's why I started keeping Sanshinchuu (2) with me, we didn't want a repeat."

Yugi nodded understandingly, stopping mid-motion as something occurred to him, "Do you think that book Bento had, had something to do with their increased attempts?"

Jianu frowned thoughtfully, "Possibly.  Did anyone see what happened to it?"

The smaller teen shook his head.  "Not that I know of.  He didn't have it when we entered the Shadow Realm and the rest of Pilaf's men that didn't go into the Shadow Realm left before the duel was over."

"So either one of them took it . . ."

"Or someone else picked it up."

"Great, that's just what we need.  An unknown book of magic floating around the city," the tall Guardian muttered irritatedly.

Shaking his head, Yugi gently placed a hand on her arm, "There's nothing we can do about it now, so don't worry about it."

Smiling at her short cousin, Jianu bent to give him a hug, "You're right Yugi-chan . . . Now, how about you give me a proper introduction to the guy you're time-sharing your body with and then you can tell me EVERYTHING that's happened this year."

"Okay."  Taking hold of the Sennen Puzzle, Yugi coaxed his yami out in his spirit form. " Jianu-chan, this is mou hitori no boku, the spirit of the Sennen Puzzle.  He's been my protector from the day I solved the Puzzle.  Mou hitori no boku, this is my cousin, Kreiger Jianu.  She's a martial artist and Guardian of the three-star dragonball . . ."


"Now do you understand why I couldn't tell you that in a letter or over the phone?" the small duelist asked his wide-eyed cousin, a couple hours later.  He'd just finished telling her everything from the day he solved the puzzle, to Death-T, and on through Duelist Kingdom.  Needless to say, it was enough to shock even the young Z senshi . . . and she grew up dealing with androids, aliens, and maniacs bent on conquering or destroying the planet.

"I suppose," she replied reluctantly.  "I still wish you'd told me about the two yami sooner though."

"Gomen nasai.  Watashi honto ni nakushite kokozasu! (3)" the small teen pleaded feeling horribly guilty, his amethyst eyes tearing up in remorse.

"Yugi!  Watashi momata gomen nasai! (4)"  The taller teen scooped her cousin into a hug.  "I didn't mean to upset you!"

((It's okay,)) he replied telepathically.   ((We're both pretty silly though.  Getting worked up so easily.))

Jianu giggled mentally and out loud, ((Yeah, I guess we are.))

After a few moments of silent hugging, the two reluctantly separated.  "They should be done talking by now," Yugi said, referring to the rest of the Z senshi.

Sighing again, Jianu reluctantly made her way to the door, "We'd better go see what the damage is then."

"It shouldn't be too bad," Yugi replied, "Uncle Tim was down there and he's good at keeping people calm."

Jianu grinned, "True.  That's part of why he and Mom work so well together."

"Among other things that would scar us mentally if we thought about too long," Yugi teased, snickering at the disgusted look on his cousin's face.

"You had to bring that up didn't you?   It'll take forever to get that thought out of my head!" she lamented, throwing her hands up in the air as they walked down the hall.  Yugi just chuckled to himself as he walked beside her, Jianu could be so fun to tease!  Keeping pace beside the flustered girl, his cheerful thoughts were interrupted when Jianu abruptly stopped and stared off into space.

"Jianu-chan?  Daijobu ka?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," she replied, her eyes not losing that distant look.  "You wanna know something really ironic?" she asked, not waiting for his answer before continuing, "Pilaf and Bento were actually responsible for their own defeat."

Both Yugi and his yami stared curiously at her, "How so?"

"They were the ones that blew up West Capital High, trying to get Sanshinchuu from me."

Yugi felt the world tilt and grabbed a door frame for support, "Which brought you guys to Domino . . ."

" . . . where I re-connected with you and met your friends."

"They're your friends too now."

Jianu grinned wryly, "Maybe.  If they're not too freaked out by everything."

Coming to his cousin's side, Yugi gave the taller teen a hug.  "You'll be fine, they accepted me and mou hitori no boku and you're a lot less crazy than he was."


/Well you were at first,/ Yugi responded, remembering all to well his yami's earlier games.

((He's got a point.  Judging by what he told me, you were a bit "off" in the beginning,)) Jianu told the spirit.

Crossing his arms and turning his head to one side, the spirit frowned and pretended to ignore the pair.

Yugi glanced at his cousin and saw that she too was trying not to laugh at his obviously pouting, darker half.  Wanting to give the yami a bit of slack, he bit down on his lip and took Jianu's hand, pulling her down the hall while praying they'd reach the family room before one of them started laughing.


Closing Theme:  Yume Wa Oshite

July 05, 2010


1 - senzu beans, handy little buggers that first appear in Dragonball Volume ??, Chapter ??.  They heal your wounds instantly and fill your stomach for 10 days.  'Course the Z senshi tend to burn off that food a LOT faster than that.

2 - three star ball

3 - I'm sorry.  I really didn't mean (intend) to!  (My Japanese is a little rusty so my sentence structure may be off here.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

4 - I'm sorry too!