Title: Of Dragonballs and Duel Monsters
Chapter: 7/?
Author: Murasaki Rose
Beta: none
Genre: Action/Adventure/Alternate Universe/Comedy/Crossover/Drama/Fantasy/Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Duelist Kingdom
Warnings: Some shonen-ai, swearing, and violence.
Pairings: YxYY, YBxR, other pairings later.
Disclaimer:  Here we go. Yu-Gi-Oh and all it's characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment. Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT are all the property of Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Toei Animation, and Funimation Inc.  In other words, I don't own any of them and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.  However, Jianu, her family, all other OCs in this story, and the Dragonball Guardian idea are mine.  If you'd like to borrow them, please ask me first and give proper credit.

AN: "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy, /text/ = hikari to yami mindlink, (/text/) = yami to hikari mindlink, #text# = English

Additional note:  Please bear with me on the whole dueling thing.  I haven't played much, so there are a few rules I'm a bit fuzzy on but this should be fairly accurate.  Also, writing Jianu's duel was a big pain in the butt so I won't be writing out any of the others unless I get a LOT of requests for them.


Chapter 7 - Duel for the Dragonballs!  Rise up, Green-Eyes Amethyst Dragon!

Opening theme:  Higher and Higher


Shuffling his cards absently, Yugi cast a nervous glance back at his caged yami.  Despite being confident in his own dueling abilities, the small teen worried that he might collapse before the match was over.  Sure, he'd dueled in the Shadow Realm before, but he'd always had his yami to lend him strength.  Unbidden, memories of their duel with Pegasus flashed through his mind, his energy draining out of him like water, the older man declaring that he had no magic . . .

(/Pegasus was a fool aibou!  You DO possess magic of your own!/) Yami no Yugi declared with absolute certainty.

/-mou hitori no boku?/

(/Ah, aibou.  I am here,/) the spirit smiled wryly.  (/And while I cannot help you in this duel, I can still support you as your friends do./)

/Did you mean it, mou hitori no boku?/

(/Every word.  You possess magic equal to my own, you just have to bring it out,/) the darkness assured, knowing instinctively what exactly his light was asking.


(/It will be all-right, mou hitori no ore./)

/All right . . ./

(/Ganbare (1), aibou!/) Yami no Yugi cheered, giving his hikari a mental hug.


Placing her cards on the podium (formed of the same shadows that surrounded them) Jianu hid a wince and silently thanked Kami-sama that it was her left shoulder that had taken the shots earlier.  As it was, she was still losing a decent amount of blood, and the last thing she wanted to do was worry the others or give Bento something else to gloat about.  Thankfully, her hair was long and dark enough to hide both the wounds and the blood soaking her shirt and jacket.


Jianu - 4000 | Bento - 4000

Despite the serious nature of their situation, Jianu couldn't help but coo in delight as her monsters appeared out of the shadows.  Despite the stunning visuals of the Duel Boxes, seeing them for real was even more impressive.  Standing to her left, whinnying and rearing back, Firewing Pegasus 2250/1800 spread it's flaming wings in challenge while to her right, Flame Cerebus 2100/1800 growled and barked threateningly with each of it's three heads. (2)

Across the field, Bento's Garencia Elefantis 2400/2000 trumpeted challengingly at the two while his Whiptail Crow 1650/1600 crouched docilely in defense.  Bento had the first attack and as Jianu had expected, attacked her Flame Cerebus with his Garencia Elefantis.  The monster leapt forward preparing to deal a fatal blow to the canine when a transparent orange globe with five stars appeared around it, stopping it cold.

"What the-?!" Bento's voice cut off as he looked over at Jianu.  The teen had activated a face-down trap card:   Oushinchuu (3) effectively trapping his monster until the card or monster was destroyed.  Irritated, the young tyrant played magic card:  Pot of Greed and gaining the magic card: Dark Core promptly used it to destroy Jianu's Firewing Pegasus.   Then placing the monster Ancient One of the Deep Forest 1800/1900 in attack mode, he equipped it with Malevolent Nuzzler adding 700 points to it's attack and ended his turn.

Drawing her card, Jianu quickly set up and used her Flame Cerebus to destroy Bento's Whiptail Crow, then used the magic card, Final Flame to take a nice 600 point chunk out of his lifepoints before ending her turn.

Jianu - 4000 | Bento - 3400

Bento drew and immediately placed the monster he'd gotten on the field.  Jinzo #7 500/400 appeared and kneeled in defense (This monster may attack your opponent's Life Points directly.) awaiting orders.  He started to order his Ancient One to attack, when Jianu played Mystical Space Typhoon and removed Malevolent Nuzzler, reducing the goat-like monster's attack back to 1800.  Irritated but undaunted Bento switched Ancient One back to defense and ended his turn.

Jianu drew again and with no monsters in hand to play, she ordered her Flame Cerebus to attack Bento's Ancient One of the Deep Forest, then placed one card facedown, before ending her turn.

Jianu - 4000 | Bento - 3400

Drawing his next card, Bento's scowl turned into a nasty grin as he summoned Jirai Gumo 2200/100 to the field.  (When you attack with this card, toss a coin and call it.  If you call it right, attack normally.  If you call it wrong, reduce your Life Points by half before attacking.)  Then he used the magic card he'd drawn, Mystical Space Typhoon, to destroy Oushinchuu and free Garencia Elefantis and attack Jianu's Flame Cerebus, ending his turn by moving Jinzo #7 into attack position.

Jianu - 3700 | Bento - 3400

Trusting in her deck, Jianu drew and pulled the magic card:  Tribute to the Doomed and used it to destroy Bento's Garencia.  Unfortunately, she still had no monsters to put on the field, so she was forced to end her turn there.

Summoning another monster in defense: Ameba 300/350 (When this card is face-up on the Field and control shifts to your opponent, inflict 2000 points of Direct Damage to your opponent's Life Points. This effect can only be used once as long as this card remains face-up on the Field.), (4) Bento ended his turn, his Ameba taking more than half of Jianu's lifepoints.

Jianu - 1700 | Bento - 3400

Ignoring the other teen's mocking laughter, Jianu drew again, this time getting Zanshyu Bijyo (Beautiful Headhuntress) 1600/800 and placing her on the field in attack mode.  Appearing on the field, the elegant lavender-haired woman, dressed in a blue kimono with a red obi and bows held a huge, knife-like blade in a ready stance.  Adding a face-down to the field, Jianu ended her turn.

Confident, Bento drew and after placing a facedown, ended his turn without attacking making Jianu quite suspicious of his facedowns.

Jianu - 1700 | Bento - 3400

After drawing her next card, Jianu ordered Zanshyu Bijyo to attack Jinzo #7, but was thwarted in her attempt to destroy it when Bento activated his facedown trap card: Shift, making Zanshyu attack his defense position Ameba instead.  Hiding her annoyance, Jianu watched her monster slice the amorphous blob in two before ending her turn.

Grinning wildly, Bento drew his card, barely giving it a glance before flipping a coin to send Jirai Gumo to attack.  Winning the flip, he laughed mockingly as he ordered the spider-like monster to attack.

Just as the beast prepared to strike down Jianu's warrior, the tri-color-haired girl activated her trap card:  Enchanted Javelin (When your opponent's monster attacks, increase your Life Points by the attacking monster's ATK points.)  Much to the teens' surprise, the golden lance shot through her chest making her stumble from the impact, before fading away. 

Glaring as her lifepoints rocketed higher than before, Bento ordered Jinzo to attack her directly before ending his turn.

Jianu - 2800 | Bento - 3400

Drawing and placing her next monster in defense:  Meteor Dragon 1800/1600, Jianu prepared to end her turn when she was interrupted by a triumphant cry.

"Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

"Impossible!  Only one duelist in the world has that card!" Bento exclaimed, stopping to watch the sleek, white-scaled dragon curl protectively around her master, roaring defiantly at his opponent.

Jianu chuckled at Bento's incredulous expression, "True.  Kaiba SETO is the only one that owns playable Blue-Eyes cards."

"Explain," he gritted out, glaring darkly at her.

The tri-color haired girl shrugged her good shoulder, "Ojisan has one, but it was torn in half, so it's no longer playable."

The teenage tyrant's glare grew impossibly darker, "I meant about Kaiba."

"Oh that," Jianu grinned brightly, enjoying how easily the other teen was baited, "He's our classmate and my friend."

The blue-skinned teen opened his mouth to retort when he was abruptly cut off by another loud battle cry.

"Black Magic Attack!"

"I suppose I also should have mentioned that my cousin is Mutou Yugi, the King of Games?" she asked mock-innocently as Bento watched open-mouthed as Yugi's Black Magician blew away his opponent's monster.

"You tricked me!!"

"Yes, and if you're done whining, I'm going to add injury to insult and kick your ass," she replied, her grin taking on a feral edge.  If looks could kill, there'd be nothing but a pile of ash where Jianu was.  Despite the death-glare and her own taunting, the teen ended her turn, knowing there was nothing else she could do at the moment.

Wasting no time, Bento used Rush Recklessly to increase Jinzo #7's attack for the turn and used both it and Jurai Gumo to attack Jianu and her dragon.  Unfortunately for him, he fumbled the coin flip and ended up losing half his lifepoints as well.

Jianu - 1600 | Bento - 1700

The next turn Jianu didn't get a monster, put she did get the magic card: Paralyzing Potion, which she equipped to Jirai Gumo to stop it from attacking.

Drawing his next card, Bento smiled in anticipation before attacking Jianu with Jinzo #7 then using the magic cards:  Dian Keto the Cure Master (Increases your Life Points by 1000 points.) and Tremendous Fire ( Inflict 1000 points of Direct Damage to your opponent's Life Points and 500 points of Direct Damage to your Life Points.) he ended his turn.

Jianu - 0100 | Bento - 2200

Keeping her expression carefully blank, Jianu once more reached out to her deck, trusting in the Heart of the Cards to bring her what she needed . . . and she got it.

Calling Kanan the Swordmistress 1400/1400 to the field, Jianu destroyed Jinzo #7, reducing Bento's monsters down to the still paralyzed Jurai Gumo, before ending her turn.

Jianu - 0100 | Bento - 1300

Drawing and placing the monster Tripwire Beast 1200/1300 in defense mode, Bento discarded the Thunder Dragon he'd drawn the previous turn in order to summon two more to the field from his deck.  Then activating the magic card Fusion, he summoned a new monster to the field, Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon 2800/2100 in attack mode.  Giving his opponent a mocking smile, he bowed and ended his turn.

Rolling her eyes at his arrogant behavior, Jianu reached to draw and felt a strange warmth coming from her deck.  Somehow, she just knew what card she was about to draw.  Picking up the top card, she turned it over and grinned.

"What's got you so cheerful, Kreiger?  There isn't a card you can play that can defeat my dragon."

The teen smirked, "Wanna bet?  It's time you met the pride of my deck in person, come out my Green-Eyes Amethyst Dragon (5)!"


With an angry roar, a beast equally as tall as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon appeared on the field, ready to do battle for her mistress.  Those who hadn't seen this monster before, both enemy and ally alike, stopped to stare at the great dragon just as they had when Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Jonouchi's Red-Eyes Black Dragon had taken the field.  Emerald green eyes glared at the opposing monsters from a wedge-shaped head and gleaming amethyst scales covered the dragon's form which was a bit bulkier than the Blue-Eyes and Red-Eyes, but still slender indicating that this was a dragon that did more than just blast her opponents.  Furthering that belief was the ridge sharp spines running down the creature's back to the base of her tail.  The tail itself was clearly a weapon too with a thick muscular base that tapered to a whip-like end that held four long spikes meant to club an enemy with.  Armor-plating covered the shoulders of the dragon's forelegs, both of which had an additional hooked claw on the elbow.  The claws on all four feet were shorter than the Blue-Eyes or Red-Eyes, but no less fierce looking and topping it off were the huge wings that the dragon spread defiantly, showing those watching that they were slightly shorter than the Blue-Eyes' wings but equally as wide.


"Dragons, always have to be the center of attention in battle," Yami no Bakura snorted from where he and Yami no Yugi were still caged, outwardly showing no sign of caring.  Inwardly was a different story all together.  From the very start he'd felt there was something disturbingly familiar about Jianu and seeing her with that dragon made the feeling even worse.  Unfortunately, his memories were faded and scattered, leaving him little more information than the other spirit had.  It was infuriating.


"Okay Green-Eyes!  Let's take care of that nasty spider!   Attack Jirai Gumo with Lightning Flare!" Jianu commanded, watching gleefully as her favorite monster opened her mouth and eradicated the insect with a blast of emerald green lightning.

"Next I'll have Kanan destroy your Tripwire Beast," the tri-color-haired senshi declared, watching the swordswoman charge forward and slice Bento's monster in two, then leap back gracefully to stand at the dragon's side.

Recovering quickly from his shock, Bento sneered at Jianu's Green-Eyes Amethyst Dragon 2750/2300.  "It doesn't matter Krieger, your beast is still weaker than mine!"

"Not for long it isn't," she replied, grinning ferally while flipping over a magic card on the field.  "By equipping her with the Black Pendant, my dragon's attack increases by 500!"

Jianu - 0100 | Bento - 0750

Making his final draw, Bento glared at the useless trap card and began to curse Jianu.  His entire hand was equally useless, he had no face-downs and defense mode or not, Jianu's two monsters were more than capable of destroying both his dragon and his lifepoints.

"End turn."

Expression unusually solemn, Jianu drew her final card.  "Bento.  Ever since we were kids, you and your father have been trying to kill me and the other Guardians.  We knew it, our parents knew it, and so did the other senshi, but we left you alone unless you were going after the Dragonballs."  The tri-color-haired senshi sighed heavily before continuing, "I've never liked you and sooner or later I might have been forced to kill you . . . but I never would have done something like this to you."

"Noble words, Guardian," the blue-skinned teen sneered at her.  "But that's all they are, words."

Sighing again, Jianu turned to her dragon, "Green-Eyes Amethyst Dragon!  Take down his Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon!" she commanded.  To her surprise, instead of blasting it with Lightning Flare, the purple-scaled dragon gave a deafening roar and leapt onto the other one, knocking it onto it's back and attacking in a flurry of claws and teeth, the spiked tail slamming brutally into the other dragon repeatedly.  Thankfully for the stomachs of those watching, it didn't take long before the other dragon melted back into the shadows that had formed it.  Pleased by it's conquest, the Green-Eyes raised onto it's hind legs and roared in triumph.

Her dragon's attack over, Jianu turned to her second monster, "Now, Kanan the Swordmistress, attack him directly and end this duel!"

Jianu - 0100 | Bento - 0000

A brief glance to either side showed her how many of her friends had triumphed, so Jianu knew what her victory meant.  "It's over Bento.  We win."


Panting in exhaustion, Gohan watched as his opponent fell to his knees.  That had been close, too close for comfort really.  The young teen hadn't expected his opponent to be that good or for his strength to be drained so quickly.  Summoning monsters for real took as much energy as he used in battle!  Noticing his master's weakening energy, Airknight Parshath moved to stand at his side, allowing the grateful teen to lean tiredly against his warm flank (6).


Ryou's hand shook visibly as he drew his next card.  Yugi hadn't been kidding when he'd told them how hard it was to duel in the Shadow Realm alone!  Placing one final face down, the pale teen summoned the last of his strength to send his monster to attack and end the duel-

and dropped to the ground unconscious, Yami no Bakura straining against the bars of his cage in a desperate attempt to reach his fallen light.


Watching Jianu's dragon eliminate Bento's last monster made Miraku give his opponent a nasty grin.  "Not so cocky now are we?" he taunted, pleased that he could throw it back in the man's face.  Sure Miraku had lost, but he'd been expecting that.  He only played Duel Monsters for fun and simply didn't have the skills to defeat Bento's specially trained duelists.  Since he'd been taken out rather quickly, the raven-haired senshi had had the chance to assess his condition and watch the other six duelists in action.  Something Miraku had caught onto quickly was just how draining dueling with magic was and that clearly, Bento had thoroughly prepared his men beforehand.  The young Guardian had never been more grateful for Jianu, her cousin, and their nerdy friends. 

With that in mind, along with the knowledge of just who Yugi and Kaiba were, he wasn't surprised when they both literally mopped the floor with their opponents.  Afterwards he noticed that Kaiba was visibly straining to hide how badly exhausted he was and Yugi looked like he'd just run a marathon.  Shortly after their victories, he'd watched Jonouchi win, then collapse mid-gloat and Bakura fall just before he finished his duel so he'd half-expected Gohan to look and feel as drained as he was.

But one thing still bothered him . . .

'Why is Jianu's ki dropping so much faster than Gohan's?'


From the sidelines, the Z senshi and Yugi-tachi had watched breathlessly as the seven duelists competed for their freedom and kept careful count of the wins.

"That makes five," Vegeta commented as Jianu declared her victory.

"So what happens now?" Debra asked no one in particular before turning her attention to the two caged spirits.  "Hey!"

The others turned at her yell just in time to witness the two yami and their cages disappearing from sight.

"Where'd they go?" Goku asked, his head cocked slightly in confusion.

Two bright flares of light from the duelists was his answer as both spirits took control of their hikari's bodies, allowing their exhausted lights a chance to rest.  Yami no Yugi was able to easily assume control from a grateful Yugi, but Yami no Bakura could only drag his light's weary spirit to his soul room and wait for their body to recover sufficient energy for him to "wake up".

Terrified screams drew their attention back to the other duelists and instantly made them regret they'd ever looked.  Shadows were coming up from the ground and dragging Pilaf, Bento and their six duelists screaming under the ground.

Shocked, Jianu turned to Yugi for an explanation when abruptly her eyes rolled back in her head and she pitched forward headfirst.  Diving forward, Kaiba caught the unconscious girl and nearly dropped her, unprepared for her surprising weight which was far greater than even her height and build accounted for.  Running to help, Yami no Yugi couldn't hold back the horrified gasp that forced it's way out at the sight of her back.  With her hair fallen to the side, he could see that her jacket was soaked with blood and was even matted into the underside of her hair.

Debra ran up on his other side to help support her daughter stifling a gasp of her own at all the blood.  "When did this happen?"

"Before you arrived," Kaiba answered, carefully shifting the girl in his arms.  "She was protecting me."

"And she'd do it again in a heartbeat," the auburn-haired woman replied reassuringly, before calling Goku over to help.

"Uh guys, I think we have a problem," Honda suddenly spoke up.  It seemed no one had noticed that they were no longer in the Shadow Realm and very exposed.

"No kidding," Takeshi growled, his attention still on Jianu.  "We've got one wounded, two unconscious, and four exhausted, plus all the collateral damage from earlier."

"He means them," Vegeta snarled glaring at the reporters and cameramen converging on them.

Now everyone conscious took stock of their surroundings, but it was Kuririn who summed it up best.

"We are in BIG trouble."


Closing Theme:  Yume Wa Oshite

May 29, 2010


1 - do your best/good luck.  Basically, a cheer of encouragement.

2 - old rules.  Remember, before Battle City you didn't have to tribute summon to call out normal monsters.

3 - 5 star ball.  Original card created by me, specifically for Jianu.  If you'd like to use it, please give me credit for it.  This one works just like Yugi's "Hexagram Curse" aka "Spellbinding Circle".  If you guessed that it looks like a big dragonball, then you're absolutely right!  ^_^

4 - If I screwed this up, tell me.  Then tell me the magic or trap card that will give your opponent control of one of your monsters on the field.

5 - Another original card created by me, specifically for Jianu.  This one I'm quite protective of and would be very annoyed to find it being used without proper credit being given.  In other words, you can't find it for sale, nor do I want to see it appearing in someone else's fanfic without being credited for it.  I'd prefer to know that you're using it too.

6 - In case you haven't seen Airknight Parshath, he's a winged centaur.

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