Title: Of Dragonballs and Duel Monsters
Chapter: 6/?
Author: Murasaki Rose
Beta: none
Genre: Action/Adventure/Alternate Universe/Comedy/Crossover/Drama/Fantasy/Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Duelist Kingdom
Warnings: Some shonen-ai, swearing, and violence.
Pairings: YxYY, YBxR, other pairings later.
Disclaimer:  Here we go. Yu-Gi-Oh and all it's characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment. Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT are all the property of Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Toei Animation, and Funimation Inc.  In other words, I don't own any of them and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.  However, Jianu, her family, all other OCs in this story, and the Dragonball Guardian idea are mine.  If you'd like to borrow them, please ask me first and give proper credit.

AN: "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy, /text/ = hikari to yami mindlink, (/text/) = yami to hikari mindlink, #text# = English


Chapter 6 - Into the Shadows We Go

Opening theme:  Higher and Higher


"Aww, man! Not again!" Jonouchi groaned, immediately recognizing the swirling purple and black environment and oppressive atmosphere.

Vegeta rounded on the blond teen, he'd been here before?!  "Where the hell are we?!"

"Shadow Realm," Yami no Yugi answered for him, now in control of Yugi's body.  Both spirits had taken over the moment the yami no game was invoked, ready to play and win.

Jianu took one good look at the yami and freaked.  This was NOT her cousin.

((Who are you?!!)) she demanded telepathically, fearing that this was some strange part of Bento's plan.

((I do not remember. Aibou and his friends call me, mou hitori no Yugi.))

((THEY KNOW?!!))

((Hai. Aibou wished to tell you of my existence himself, but never could find the appropriate time to do so.))

((Jianu-chan?)) Yugi's mental voice cut in, his tone chagrined. ((Gomen ne, I meant to tell you sooner.))

(( . . . . . ))

((You can trust him. Mou hitori no boku just wants to protect me and the people I care for.))

((All right, Yugi.))


While the teens "talked", Vegeta glared darkly at the lunatic emperor and his son.  Somehow, the idiots had managed to harness a powerful force, one that seemed to pulse all around them.  But something about this place wasn't right.   It smelled . . . off.

"What is this Shadow Realm?" he growled, moving closer to his son and the other children (1), unconsciously responding to the need to protect.

"Another dimension, Vegeta-san.  It is the home of Duel Monsters and the place where Yami no Games are played," Yami no Yugi explained.

"So how did we get here?" Goku asked.

"And more importantly, how do we get out?" Debra (2) added, coming up to stand by the two saiya-jin.

"It's simple really," Yami no Yugi chuckled darkly, Udjat eye appearing on his forehead.  "We win."

/Mou hitori no boku, how did he manage to start a Yami no Game?/

The spirit shrugged mentally, (/I do not know aibou.  He must possess some level of magic, otherwise the book would be useless./)

Vegeta narrowed his eyes at the small teen, "What type of game are we playing?"

Yami no Yugi shrugged, "I do not know.  That is for the challenger to decide."

"Precisely."  Bento smirked at the Z senshi and Yugi-tachi, it was almost too easy.  He was surprised that some of the teens had knowledge of this magic, but remained undeterred.  In the end, it would not help them.  "I believe most of you have at least heard of the game Duel Monsters?"  The looks he received from his captive audience told him what he needed to know.  "That will be the game we play.  The rules are simple:  Seven of you against myself and six of my men.  The team to win at least four duels, wins their freedom.  The losers and their companions will remain here in the Shadow Realm for all time."

"How do we know you won't cheat?" Kuririn growled, clearly not trusting either of the blue-skinned maniacs.

"In a Yami no Game, there IS no cheating.  To cheat or forfeit, is to lose.  To lose is to receive a Penalty Game." Yami no Yugi replied for them, the glowing eye etched on his forehead giving him an eerie appearance.

"Why do I not like the sound of that?" the former monk muttered, reflexively shivering.

Yami no Yugi smirked, "Do not worry.  A Yami no Game also reveals your true nature."

Not wanting Bento to overhear, Jianu addressed the spirit mentally once again.  ((So, Mou hitori no Yugi, who besides you and Kaiba-kun should duel with us?))

((Jonouchi-kun and Bakura-kun would make excellent teammates.  Anzu is good as well, but may not have the right energy for this type of battle.))

((What do you mean?))

((In a duel like this, you will actually summon the beasts with your own power.))

Mentally groaning, Jianu turned to the other teenage Z senshi.  "I know Miraku's got his with him, so who else has their cards on them?"

Akira shook his head, "Don't look at us.  We've never needed them in a fight before."

"Ano, I-I've got mine, Jianu-chan," Gohan admitted softly, removing his deck from his pocket.

"Hontou?  That's great!"

Surprised, Goku looked at his son as the shy teen pulled his dueling deck out.  He knew Gohan had been playing the game a lot recently but hadn't expected this.  Especially after Chi-chi had thrown such a fit over them, worried that he'd be distracted from his studies by a "children's card game".  Goku had worried he might have to intervene, but Gohan had stood his ground and calmly defended his new hobby while promising not to let his studying falter.   Since then, his oldest had kept his word, managing his time well enough to balance studying, training, family, friends, and games.

"I don't know why I brought them . . . it just felt like I needed to," the 13 year-old demi-saiya-jin murmured, almost feeling silly at having brought cards to a fight.  Sure it had worked out this time, but he'd never needed them before.  If not for that strange impulse, he'd wouldn't have them now.

"It's the Heart of the Cards," Yami no Yugi breathed, awed that this new duelist had such a strong bond.   At Gohan's confused blink he continued, "The connection a duelist makes with their deck and the monsters within."

Jonouchi grinned at the still-confused demi-saiya-jin, "I know it sounds weird, but it's true.  I've seen it work."

"It works for you as well, Jonouchi-kun," Yami no Yugi gently reminded the lanky blond.  "The monsters are real, Gohan-kun and you are one of the rare individuals that has a true connection to them.  Trust in your deck.  It will serve you well."

Kaiba snorted arrogantly, "Heart or not, if your deck is weak or you have no skill then you'll still lose.  What we need here are duelists."

"Gohan's deck isn't weak and he DOES have skill," Jianu growled at the brunet teen.  If there was one thing about him that pissed her off to no end, it was his attitude when dueling.  "I taught him how to play and helped him assemble his deck."

Raising an eyebrow at the blue-gray-eyed teen, Kaiba bit back a nasty retort, settling for the somewhat more civil response of, "And why, should THAT little fact reassure me?"  In truth, he already knew the answer, he just wanted to see what their opponent knew.

"Because she's the American Duel Monsters champion (3)," Bento interrupted, grinning nastily at the group.  "That's why I chose this as our game.  I want to destroy her at something she loves!" he proclaimed, throwing his head back and laughing madly.

Yugi and most of the Z senshi sweat-dropped at the insane teen's behavior, while Vegeta, Kaiba, and Yami no Bakura merely looked unimpressed.  The rest of Yugi's friends were hardly aware of it, too busy gaping at the tall, tri-color-haired teen.  None of them seemed to be able to get a coherent sentence strung together until Jonouchi finally exclaimed, "Man Jianu, you're just full of surprises today!"

Sighing, Yami no Yugi decided to move things along.  He had no desire to stay here any longer than necessary.  "Ask her about it AFTER we duel."

With a nudge from her cousin and a quick glance to Goku and Vegeta, Jianu stepped forward and answered the blue-skinned teen's challenge.  "All right Bento, we'll duel you AND we'll kick your ass at it!"

'Hn.  Such confidence.   Too bad it's falsely placed.' Bento smirked and gestured to the dueling tables that had appeared. "Come Guardians, let's bring this rivalry to an end!"

Jianu smirked cockily, "Who said WE were going to be the ones dueling?"


"You never specified that the seven of us had to duel.  You challenged us and OUR FRIENDS.  So only two of our duelists will be Guardians: Miraku and myself."

Bento glared darkly at her, furious that she had found a loophole in his challenge.

"-our remaining duelists will be Gohan, Bakura, Jonouchi, Seto, and my cousin," she continued, being careful not to mention Kaiba's family name or Yugi's name.

"Very well," he acquiesced, deciding that it wouldn't make a difference in the long run.  No matter who she had on her side, he and his highly trained men would defeat them.  "Step forward duelists and let the Yami no Game, BEGIN!"

The seven teens moved to take their places, Yugi being sure to put at least two people between Jonouchi and Bakura to avoid any freakouts from the blond (4).

"Sorry about using your name without permission," Jianu murmured softly to Kaiba as they walked.  "I didn't want him to realize who you were."

"I suspected as much," he replied equally softly.  "It's been quite a while since the American championships.  Are you sure you're up to the challenge?"

Turning to face the blue-eyed teen, Jianu smirked, "Of course I am."


Each of the seven duelists stepped up to meet Bento and his challengers in turn, none daring to allow their fear to show.  Jonouchi even being so bold as to make faces at his opponent.  But the moment Yugi and Bakura took their places, they were surrounded by a bright light. Yugi felt a bizarre tugging sensation at his soul, then a painful yank as his yami was pulled out of his body, leaving him in full control.  Ryou too, was subjected to the painful treatment, as well as having the Sennen Ring materialize around his neck once more.


(/Yadonushi! (5)/)

/YAMI!!/ both teens cried, watching fearfully as their darker halves were forced to appear, each spirit surrounded by a cage of shadows.

With the re-appearance of the ring, Yugi and his friends shrieked and jumped back in unison, staring nervously between the bound spirit and the silver-haired teen's pendant.

Jianu pinched the bridge of her nose and gave a resigned sigh, "This is another one of those things you haven't told me about, isn't it?"

Yugi grinned sheepishly at her, "Yeah."


From the sidelines, Emperor Pilaf watched his son proudly.  The boy had accomplished so much and handled those arrogant brats masterfully!  He'd been a bit worried when the one brat had found a loophole but like his son, figured it wouldn't matter in the end.  Once this duel was over there would be no one left to stop him from getting the Dragonballs and making his wish!  He giggled happily to himself, soon the world would bow to him!


Closing Theme:  Yume Wa Oshite

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1 - Trunks:  age 5, Goten:  age 4, Laura:  age 6, and Ana:  age 10.  (Ana and Laura are Jianu's sisters)

2 - Jianu's mom.

3 - In the mangaverse there is no Rebecca Hawkins and there won't be in this fic.  Bandit Keith on the other hand, is a giant douche and Jianu would totally PWN his ass.

4 - Remember, Jonouchi has a horrible fear of ghosts and the supernatural and Bakura uses an occult theme deck.

5 - landlord, this is the name Yami no Bakura addresses Ryou with in the manga.