Chapter 2

Seto stood in his aunt's enormous riding grounds, silintly watching 
Shizuka dismount his favorite horse. She was definatly beautiful, he 
decided as the wind blew her long red hair bach behind her when she 
removed her riding cap. He slowly approached her, unnoticed. He 
cleared his throat and began to speak when he reached her. " So... 
will you be staying here long," he said catching her off gaurd. 
Shizuka swung around fast, and as she did, her fist caught him square 
on the nose. "Oh my god! I am so sorry," she said frightened. "i 
didn't know that anyone else was back here." She notices that his 
nose is squirting blood from her blow. "Here, let me help you. I 
really didn't mean to hit you so hard, I acted solely on instinct."

Seto glared at her angrily as much as he could while holding his head 
back, profusely trying to stop the blood flow. "It is instinct for 
you to go around hitting people for no reason." Shizuka got angry for 
a second and she was about to ask him what kind of guy sneaks up on a 
helpless female anyway, but she decided against it since she figured 
that he wouldn't believe that she was so helpless after that anyway. 
Shizuka, not one to be easily intimidated by a man, lowered her head 
in guilt when she realized that he was still bleeding profusely. 
"Look, why don't you follow me into the house and i will help you 
stop the bleeding" Seto carefully considered her words, still shaken 
from the last time that he had tried to get close to her. After a 
couple of moments, and a very lovely assuring smile from shizuka, he 
finally decided that it was safe to follow her.

Once inside of the house, Seto spent the next twenty minutes in 
Shizuka's expert care. He was fine but he figured that she had given 
him the perfect chance to get even closer to her, and it didn't hurt 
that she made it so easy for him to play upon her sympathy either. 
Seto briefly considered holding her down and showing her first hand 
how overrated tenderness was anyway. No, he thought. i need her to 
trust me if I am going to win this bet. Forcing my attentions on her 
will not make her trust me, he finally decided after much 
deliberation. Seto reveled in the knowledge that he would be a legend 
after he was done with her.

"You know", he finally said. "You are a very sweet person. I have 
been waiting a long time to meet someone like you." Seto waited for 
her to look at him with that female adoration that he was used to... 
but it never came. Instead, Shizuka rolled her eyes and turned away. 
"Oh please. You actually expect me to fall for that. I have heard 
alot sweeter things than that and from men cuter than you could ever 
hope to be." Seto's eyes grew three sizes and for the first time in 
his fast-paced life, he was utterly speechless. "It wasn't a line. I 
was just... I was just hoping that maybe we could have dinner or 
something." Shizuka gave him a look to let him know that she wasn't 
buying it for a second.

"Why don't you go have dinner with oneof your hoochies because I am 
not interested. I am fully aware of your reputation Mr. Kaiba. I have 
been warned about you." Seto stared at her in shock, not fully 
knowing what to say. "What about my reputation? How would you know 
anything about me, you are not even from here." Sizuka took a moment 
to answer his question. "Let's just say I have a friend from here and 
they told me how you promise girls the world to get them in bed with 
you. I am sorry, but you are everything in a man that i hate and I 
refuse to compromise my beliefs just to become another one of your 
bimbos." Seto sat there and watched her walk to her room without even 
saying goodbye. This is going to be harder than I expected, he