Title:  Fire
Sung by:  Blaze
Album:  Yu-Gi-Oh!  Duel Monsters - Pyramid of Light
             Yu-Gi-Oh!  Duel Monsters - Duel Vocal Best


Original Lyrics

Striding the run away
Spotlight is my way
Oh Oh Oh
I know you want it
By all excitement
You gotta love
Intoxicated by the Burning Love

Once I show you all I got
You will wanna come along
If you wanna have good time
I got everything you want
Everything your heart desires
Do you dare to have good time
Ask yourself what you want (x3)
Is Oh...That Fire

Just riding one day
Right on my Harley
Oh Oh Oh
I saw you lonely
I feel hunger
Just by your eyes
I gotta have you baby here and now



Strutting the run away
Spotlight is our way
Oh Oh Oh
We're gonna love it
The burn sensasion
Inside our souls
Just feel the fire baby, BABY BURN