Here we have links to the torrent files to download fansubbed episodes.  Neither the fansubbers nor myself are making any money off of these.  This is something we do as fans to help others be able to enjoy these series as they were originally intended.

Remember the links here are for the torrent files necessary to download the episodes, NOT the actual episodes.  You will need a bittorrent client like ABC or Azureus to actually download the episodes.

For viewing, I recommend DivX, the free version works quite nicely.
If your video/media player cannot run the files properly, try installing the CCCP.



Yu-Gi-Oh!  OVA
subbed by TV-Nihon

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Episodes 1-21

Episode 22 | Episode 23

Episode 24 | Episode 25

Episode 26 | Episode 27

Yu-Gi-Oh Movie (Toei Studio - 1999)

Episode 20v2 | Episode 21v2

Yu-Gi-Oh!  5D's
subbed by Tatsu no Kiba Productions

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Episode 01 | Episode 02

Episode 03 | Episode 04

Episode 05 | Episode 06

Episode 07

Tastu no Kiba seems to have stopped subbing for now.  But you can get more of 5D's by joining Generation NeXt's forum.