As you've probably guessed by the name, Arihara-san is a japanese fanartist.  She once hosted all her art on her own website:  "Angel's Dice", which has long since been closed.  In an effort to ensure she gets credit for her work(since lots of people tend to use it without permission >_<), I have archived as much of her work as I have been able to locate.  If you have any of her art on your site, please move it to the fanart section and give her credit!


Title Rating Description/Characters
New Year 2002


Yugi as an angel.

5000 hit

G Yugi x Yami, shonen-ai fluff.
Christmas 2002 G Angel Yugi, Christmas style.
New Year 2003 G Yugi x Pharaoh, shonen-ai fluff.
6000 hit G Yugi x Yami, shonen-ai fluff.
Angel's Dice G Yugi and Yami.
Yugi & Yami G Yugi x Yami, shonen-ai fluff.