Vol. 01
Duel 001:  An Evil Shadow
Duel 002:  Threatening God of Avatar
Duel 003:  The Opening of KC Battle
Duel 004:  Menace of the Immortal Deck
Duel 005:  Jonouchi's Unusual Plan
Duel 006:  Menace of Machine Unit
Duel 007:  Jonouchi Again
Duel 008:  A Great Shadow Resident
Duel 009:  Advent, God of Terror
Vol. 02
Duel 010:  The World Controlled by Fear
Duel 011:  Conclusion, and . . .
Duel 012:  Jonouchi, Becoming Desperate!
Duel 013:  The Appearance of Seto Kaiba
Duel 014:  The Threat of "Mist"
Duel 015:  Ultimate Lifeform, Descend!
Duel 016:  The Secret of the Tenma Brothers
Duel 017:  The Elf Warriors!!
Vol. 03
Duel 018:  Perfect Duel
Duel 019:  Making Fun of Jonouchi!
Duel 020:  The Anger of Seto Kaiba
Duel 021:  The Truth of Project R.A.
Duel 022:  The Space Void Battle
Duel 023:  Toy Magic!!
Duel 024:  Another Partner
Special:  Summoning of the Dark King
Vol. 04
Duel 025:  Richie-Battle Opening
Duel 026:  Pegasus' Minions
Duel 027:  Respective Fight!!
Duel 028:  Apex Arena
Duel 029:  Summoning of the Wicked God
Duel 030:  Unable to Surpass
Duel 031:  Activate R.A.
Duel 032:  The Summoning of Pegasus
Vol. 05
Duel 033:  Rematch!!  Keith vs. Jonouchi
Duel 034:  The Last Devil God, Advent!
Duel 035:  Jonouchi, Counterattack!!
Duel 036:  Lapse of Devil God
Duel 037:  The Final Battle!
Duel 038:  Offense and Defense of God Summon
Duel 039:  Godspeed Summon
Duel 040:  The Ruler of the Field
Duel 041:  Existence of Another Person
Duel 042:  Clash!  Gods vs. Devil Gods
Duel 043:  Vanish!!  And...
Duel 044:  The End of Battle (END)