Game Title (in order of release)


Cards Included

Monster Capsule:  Bleeding & Battle Playstation ????

Duel Monster:  Perfect Monster

Game Boy ????

Duel Monster 2:  Dark Duel

Game Boy ????

Duel Monster 3:  Tri-Holy God

Game Boy ????

Forbidden Memories

Playstation ????

Monster Capsule

Game Boy ????

Duel Monster 3:  Tri-Holy God Descending

Game Boy Color ????

Duel Monster 4:  Battle of Great Duelists

Game Boy Color Osiris the Sky God + random 3 of the following:
Itaqua's Gale | Destruction Ring Bomb | Hypnosis
Magic Sealing Incense | Gamma the Magnet Warrior
Duel Monster 4:  Battle of Great Duelists
Game Boy Color Obelisk the Tormentor + random 3 of the following:
Aqua Chorus | Force | Blood Volrus
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior | Ancient God Sign
Duel Monster 4:  Battle of Great Duelists
Game Boy Color Winged Dragon of Ra + random 3 of the following:
Sebek's Blessing | Attack Nullification | Magic Arm Shield
Dragon Slaying Sword | Dragon Riding Wyvern
Dungeon Dice Monster Game Boy Advance ????

Duel Monster 5:  Expert 1

Game Boy Advance Black Sage Magician | Big Shield Guardian | Exchange
Graceful Dice | Skull Dice
Succession Memory Playstation 2 ????

Duel Monster 6:  Expert 2

Game Boy Advance Toon Black Magician Girl | Gilford the Lightning
Xarian Universe

Duel Monster 7:  Duel City Legend

Game Boy Advance Viser of Death | Master of Dragon Knight | Magical Arrow
The Falsebound Kingdom Gamecube ????
Duel Monster 8:  Reshef of Destruction Game Boy Advance Knight's Tale | Magician's Jewel | Satellite Canon
Sugoroku no Sugoroku Game Boy Advance ????
International Worldwide Edition Game Boy Advance Osiris the Sky Dragon | Obelisk the Tormentor
The Winged Dragon of Ra
Duel Monster Expert 3 Game Boy Advance Twinheaded Beast | EMS the Infinity | D. D. Assailant
Capsule Monster Coliseum Playstation 2 ????
International Worldwide Edition 2 Game Boy Advance Silent Swordman LV7 | Justice Partner Kaibaman
Mind Control
Nightmare Troubadour Nintendo DS Silent Magician Lv4 | Silent Magician Lv8 | Magician's Circle
Duel Monster Gx:  Become the Duel King! Game Boy Advance Winged Kuriboh | E-Hero Necro Darkman | Hero Halo
Duel Monster EX 2006 Game Boy Advance Helios - The Primordial Sun | Golden Homunculus
Helios Duo Megustus
Gx Tag Force - Tag Duel of Friendship Sony PSP Mystical Beast Crosswin | Mystical Beast Wild Horn
Mystical Beast Thunder Pegasus
Spirit Summoner Nintendo DS Brain Crusher | Hunter Owl | Masked Chopa
World Championship 2007 Nintendo DS Bomber Dragon | Magic Striker | Destiny Hero Diskguy
(Gx) Tag Force 2 Sony PSP Mad Reloader | Bribe of the Demonic Palace | Chaos Burst
World Championship 2008 Nintendo DS Deep Diver | Agony of Strong One | Dimensional Confinement
(Gx) Tag Force 3 Sony PSP Garis the Star Beast | Red-Eyes Wyvern
Darkness Destroyer
5D's Stardust Accelerator
World Championship 2009
Nintendo DS Infernity Demon | Infernity Dwarf | Infernity Guardian
5D's Wheelie Breakers NintendoWii Speed King Skull Flame | Skull Flame | Burning Skull-Head
5D's Tag Force 4 Sony PSP War Worm | Worm Bait | Regretful Rebirth
5D's Reverse of Arcadia
World Championship 2010
Nintendo DS Samurai Sword Baron | Stygian Security | Stygian Sergeants
5D's Tag Force 5 Sony PSP Fleur Synchron | Chevalier de Fleur | Liberty at Last!