Yu-Gi-Oh!  5D's


Because this is an on-going series, this section is not yet complete.
I will continue to update this list as new episodes are released.


Season One: Part I

001:  Riding Duel!  Acceleration!
002:  Power-Insect Deck!  Ant Lion Trap
003:  Escape!  Nitro Warrior vs. Goyou Guardian
004:  Fated Showdown!  Stardust Dragon Blocks the Way
005:  Ace Dragons Clash!  Stardust vs. Red Demon's
006:  Take a Look!  This Hidden Treasure Deck of Mine!
007:  Feelings for the Cards!  Crystal Skull vs. Great Bull Djinn
008:  Unfulfilled Soul:  The Signers and the Legendary Dragon
009:  Feelings Hanging for the Cards:  A Planned Lightning Deathmatch
010:  Deck Zero:  Break the Chain Trap Loop
011:  The Special Pursuit Deck Returns!  Regain the Bonds With Friends
012:  Dead Chase!  Weave the Bonds, Turbo Warrior
013:  Dial On!  Roar, Deformer Deck
014:  Bringer of Folklore Destruction, Black Rose Witch, Appears
015:  Duel of Fortune Cup Begins:  Giant Air Raid!! Giant Bomber Air Raid
016:  Return of the Witch, The Dragon of Destruction [Black Rose Dragon]
017:  Flame Revenger:  Speed King - Skull Flame
018:  The Ancient Forest:  Invitation to the Spirits' World
019:  The Spirits' World Contaminated:  Evil Intent, the Super Demonic Lord
020:  Incompromisable Feelings:  My Mission is With My Hometown
021:  Vengeful Bomber:  Trap of Sorrow, Chariot Pile
022:  Disclosed Past:  The Duel Profiler vs. The Black Rose Witch
023:  The Final Game, Heart Hidden Under the Mask
024:  Victim Sanctuary:  Become the Star-Enveloping Destruction!  Stardust
025:  Fortune Cup Final!  Lonely King, Jack Atlas
026:  Destiny of Signers
Special:  Evolving Duel!  Stardust vs. Red Demons

Season One: Part II

027:  World Without Light:  Dark Synchro, Freezing Fitzgerald!
028:  Darkness That Engulfs All:  Immortal Dark Signer
029:  A Looming Threat:  Dark Signer, Ushio
030:  My Name is Crow!  Fly, Black Bird
031:  Hometown and Friends:  Reuniting Tag Riding
032:  Symbol of Freedon, Daedalus Bridge
033:  Vengeful Inferno:  Former Friend, Kyosuke Kiryu
034:  Dark Synchro!  Show Yourself, One-Hundred Eyes Dragon
035:  Terrifying!  Earthbound God, Ccapac Apu
036:  Docking Courage With Strength!  Synchro Summon, Power Tool Dragon
037:  Infiltrate!  Arcadia Movement, It's My Turn!
038:  Resurrected Soul:  The New Geoglyph Ablaze
039:  Descent!  The Two Earthbound Gods
040:  Irreversible Past:  A Locked Heart's Door
041:  Hatred Caused by Sorrow!  Catch it Stardust Dragon
042:  Gather!  Warriors of the Crimson Dragon
043:  Resolve Each Their Own!  That Which is Wholeheartedly Believable
044:  Stir Up the Divine Winds!  Black Feather Arms Wing
045:  Confrontation!  The Man With the Spider Birthmark
046:  The 17 year-old Truth, The Hidden Trap of the Dark Signers
047:  The Man With the Monkey Birthmark
048:  Minus World, Search for the White Lion Regulus
049:  The King the Rules Over Minus, the Demonic Monkey King Zeman
050:  Curse of Minus!  The Imprisoned Ancient Fairy Dragon
051:  Be Resurrected!  Boundary Breaking Duel
052:  At the Ends of the Emotions Spun by the Cards
053:  Gust Fiercely, Winds:  Black Feather, Lone Silver Wind
054:  The Last Duel!  Team Satisfaction
055:  Companion's Sincerity, Saviour Dragon
056:  The 17 Year Old Vow:  The Destiny Guided by Morment
057:  Darkness of the Heart:  Last Hope Left Remaining
058:  Destiny Dead Ahead!  High Ruler of Hell, Dark King
059:  The Lone Light: Savior Demon Dragon
060:  Sad Story: Sorrowful Memories
061:  At the End of Truth
062:  The Last Battle!  The Man Who Possesses Two Gods
063:  The Strongest Earthbound God!  Wiraqocha Rasca
064:  Towards Our Future


Season Two: Part I

065:  A New Threat
066:  Proof of Evolution, Synchro Monster
067:  Tradition of the Academia! Antique Gear Golem
068:  The Memories of an Old Person - The Scrap-Iron Family Deck
069:  A Threat! Loan Token Hell
070:  The Forest which Spirits Away - Sleepy Beauty
071:  Captured Yusei
072:  What Lies Within the Wind
073:  After Sealing Synchro Summoning
074:  Further Evolution! Accel Synchro
075:  Aki Izayoi Acceleration!
076:  The Proud Demon, Demon Chaos King
077:  Here Comes! The Super Elite Transfer Student
078:  A Nightmare Reborn! Machine Emperor Skiel
079:  To a World Yet Unseen
080:  The Mysterious Super Machanic
081:  Operation Capture Jaeger
082:  Yusei Fudo: 100% Chance of Defeat
083:  A Suspect!? Jack Atlus
084:  The Other Jack
085:  The Grandfather Clock - Poppo Time
086:  Crash Town
087:  Rescue Kiryu! The Town of Wandering Duelists
088:  The Trap Laid in Front of Victory
089:  The Terrifying Gatling Ogre
090:  Deathmatch Riding Duel
091:  Tag Duel Kiryu/Yusei VS Lotton
092:  Satisfaction
093:  Tremble in Fear! The Resolve of the Master and Servant!!
094:  Recollections: A Friend's Entrusted Last Wish
095:  Soar! Black Feather Dragon!!
Movie:  Super Fusion!  Bonds that Transcend Time

Season Two: Part II

096:  Rally Forth!  Team 5D's
097:  After Despair and Conflict
098:  The WRGP Commences - Team 5D's vs Team Unicorn
099:  Burn!  Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis
100:  Dilemma!  Last Wheeler Yusei
101:  For the Team
102:  Just for Victory
103:  The Winner at the Battle's End
104:  The Envoys of Destruction - Team Catastrophe
105:  The Card of Darkness - Hidden Knight Hook
106:  Ghost Flood!  TheTerrifying Battle Royal Mode
107:  Unwavering Standpoint - Clear Mind
108:  The Revived Terror - Machine Emperor Wisel
109:  Accel Synchro!  Be Born, Shooting Star Dragon
110:  The Three Emperors of Yliaster
111:  The Ancient Land - To Nazca!
112:  The Crimson Devil
113:  Burning, Seething Soul!  Scar-Red Nova Dragon
114:  Operation:  Captain Yeager II
115:  Press Him to Talk!  Simulation Riding Duel
116:  Morment Express Research Institute
117:  The Distorted Past
118:  The New Rivals
119:  The Invincible Scram!  Break the Unbreakable Defense!
120:  Tie Those Feelings!  Holding-Hands Majin!
121:  The Miraculous Trump Card - Sleeping Giant Thud!
122:  The Power to Believe!  The Strongest Giant Thud vs. Shooting Star Dragon
123:  The Duelists With the Rune Eye
124:  Wounded Pride
125:  Fighting Souls!  Polar God King Thor vs. Scar-Red Nova Dragon
126:  Descend!  The Second God - Polar God King Loki
127:  Destiny Riding on Black Feathers
128:  The Immortal Norse Gods!  Cry, Savior Star Dragon!
129:  Countdown to the End - Gjallarhorn
130:  Bound to the Future, Bonds to Our Companions
131:  Fight for the Future
132:  Machine Emperor Wisel
133:  The Looming Giant King! Machine Emperor Grannel!
134:  The Road of Ruin! The Future Favored By Synchro Summon
135:  The Devil Of Despair! Machine Divine Emperor Machinicle Infinity Cubic
136:  A Do-or-Die Battle! The Divine Emperor vs. The Synchro Monsters
137:  An Approaching Terror - The Citadel of God "The Ark Cradle"
138:  The Path to the Future - The Rainbow Bridge Bifrost!
139:  The Enchanting Field!  Ecole de Zone
140:  The Soul-Binding Gate!  The Forbidden Future!
141:  The Duel of Despair!  Fortissimo the Moving Fortress
142:  A Life-or-Death Battle!  Machine Divine Emperor Dragon Asterisk
143:  The Miracle of Life
144:  Death Battle for the Future!  The Beginning of the End
145:  Faster Than Light
146:  ???
147:  ???
148:  ???
149:  ???
150:  ???
151:  ???
152:  ???
153:  ???
154:  ???