Yu-Gi-Oh!  Gx


Season One

001:  The One Who Succeeds Yugi
002:  Flame Wingman
003:  Etval Cyber
004:  5 Polymers! VWXYZ
005:  A Dark Demon Deck
006:  Miracle of Hane Kuribo
007:  Sho's Vehicle Deck
008:  The Strongest Cyber End Dragon
009:  Single Attack of Shooting!  Return a Low Dining Table
010:  Judai & Sho! Tag Duel - Part I
011:  Judai & Sho! Tag Duel - Part II
012:  Oxygen + Hydrogen = H
2O Dragon
013:  Wild Release! S.A.L Duel
014:  Judai vs. Jinzo
015:  Tennis Duel of Youth
016:  Dark Night King Goblin
017:  Draw! Draw! Draw!
018:  Judai vs. Yugi's Deck - Part I
019:  Judai vs. Yugi's Deck - Part II
020:  The Strong Deck with Beloved Maiden
021:  Fusion Seal!  Judai vs. Misawa - Part I
022:  Fusion Seal!  Judai vs. Misawa - Part II
023:  Removal Power!  Moke Moke Duel!
024:  Revival!  Manjome Thunder
025:  Judai vs. Manjome Thunder - Part I, Threat of Armed Dragon
026:  Judai vs. Manjome Thunder - Part II, Armed Dragon Lv7
027:  An Extra-Curricular Class is a Shadow Duel? - Part I
028:  An Extra-Curricular Class is a Shadow Duel? - Part II
029:  Judai vs. Darkness - Part I, Challenge of Red-Eyes Black Dragon
030:  Judai vs. Darkness - Part II, Challenge of Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
031:  Chronos vs. Vampire Camilla
032:  Kaiser vs. Camilla, Activation of the Phantom Gate
033:  Shine!  Shining Flare Wingman
  The Excessive Heart of a Traveler at the Hot Spring! Blue-Eyes White Dragon
035:  Unity of Brothers!  Ojama Delta Hurricane
036:  Misawa vs. Amazoness, Bridegroom Duel
037:  Human Bullet Duel1  Death Ring of the Amazoness
038:  Underwater Duel!  The Legendary City of Atlantis
039:  Detective Thunder vs. Black Scorpion Grave Robber Group
040:  H-E-R-O Flash!
041:  Activate Dark Arena!  Asuka vs. Titan
042:  School Festival Duel!  Black Magician Girl Intrusion
043:  Asuka in the Second Chance Love?!
044:  The Shadow of the 7th
045:  Judai vs. Amnael! - Part I, Absolute Seal of E-Hero
046:  Judai vs. Amnael! - Part II, Earth/Water/Fire/Wind Fusion Elixer!
047:  Asuka vs. Manjome, Cyber Angel Fortune Goddess
048:  Judai vs Kagemaru - Part I, Two Legendary Demons
  Judai vs Kagemaru - Part II, The Awakening of the Three Legendary Demons
050:  Hayato vs. Chronos!  Ayer's Rock Sunrise
051:  Judai vs. Kaiser - Part I, Power Bond and Cyber End
052:  Judai vs. Kaiser - Part II,  Final Fusion

Season Two

053:  The Beginning of Destiny, A New Student, Edo Phoenix
054:  Thunder vs. Elite!  Mecha Ojama King Takes Off
055:  Tyranno Kenzan Appears!
056:  Sho vs. Insect Girl!  Insect Princess
057:  Kaiser vs. Edo!  Pro-League Battle
058:  Judai vs. Edo! - Part I, E-Hero vs. E-Hero
059:  Judai vs. Edo! - Part II, The Destiny of D-Hero
060:  Asuka vs. Fubuki!  The Road of Sibling Idol
061:  Saiou Appears!  The Tarot Deck of Destiny
062:  New E-Hero!  Neos
063:  Kenzan vs. Curry Devil Guy!  A Spicy Duel
064:  Sho vs.  Kenzan!  A Hot Emotional Duel for Big Brother
065:  Hell Kaiser Ryo!  Chimeratech Over Dragon
066:  Judai's New Year Dream Duel
067:  Judai vs. Edo! - Part I, New Power!  Aqua Neos
068:  Judai vs. Edo! - Part II, Flare Neos of Flame
069:  Chronos vs. Napoleon!  The March of the Toy Soldiers
070:  Asuka vs. Manjoume White Thunder!
071:  Judai vs. Game Champ!  B.E.S. Tetran Take-off
072:  Destroy Deck Destruction
073:  Kenzan vs. Saiou!  Dinosaur DNA
074:  Rise From the Dead!  Be Resurrected!  Des Frog!
075:  School Excursion Tag Duel
076:  Ultimate Alliance!  Rex Union!
077:  4 Monarchs of Fear!  Demiurge EMA
078:  The Greatest Tag!  Judai and Edo - Part I
079:  The Greatest Tag!  Judai and Edo - Part II
080:  Alice of Desperate Land
081:  Quiz Duel?! vs. Nazora Panel 9
082:  Misawa vs. Manjoume, Assault Cannon Beetle
083:  Hell Kaiser Ryo vs. Master Sameshima
084:  Genex Opening Game!  The First Target!
085:  The Man Who Manipulates the God Card, Winged Dragon of Ra?!
086:  Runaway Duel
087:  Keep it Up!  Ojama Trio - Part I
088:  Keep it Up!  Ojama Trio - Part II
089:  Hell Kaiser vs. Darkness Fubuki
090:  Pride of the Academia
091:  The Reaper of One Turn Kill
092:  A Triangle Duel
093:  The White Knight Duel!  Judai vs. Asuka - Part I
094:  The White Knight Dragon!  Judai vs. Asuka - Part II
095:  Honorless Brother Duel, Ryo vs. Sho
096:  Relativity Field!  Judai vs. the Genius Doctor
097:  Appear!  The Mysterious World Champ
098:  Finally Activated!  The Ultimate D Card
099:  Judai vs. the Terror of the Laser Satellite
100:  The Ultimate Arcana, the World
101:  Edo the Finishing Blow, Blue D
102:  The Wave of Light vs. the Neo Spacians
103:  Judai's Pinch!  The Field Spell, Light Boundary
104:  Who is the Victory With?!  Judai vs. Saiou


Season Three

105:  The Start of a New School Year!  The Premonition of Tribulation
106:  Judai vs. Johan of the Jewel Beast Deck
107:  The Neo Spacians vs. the Jewel Beasts
108:  The Assassin of Professor Cobra
109:  Judai vs. the Firey O'Brian
110:  Tyranno Kenzan and Jim of the Fossil Dragon
111:  Manjyome and Amon of the Cloud Deck
112:  Thunder vs. the Eye of the Typhoon
113:  Judai vs. the Treacherous Elemental Hero
114:  Desperate Situation!  The Badly-Bruised Hero
115:  Giese the Spirit Hunter
116:  Jewel Beast vs. Hell's Guard dog
117:  A Decisive Battle!  Judai vs. Professor Cobra
118:  Terror!  Venomion the Poisonous Serpent King
119:  Triple Contact Fusion!  Magma Neos
120:  Battle in a Different World!  Jewel Beasts vs. Harpie Lady
121:  Desert Survival!  Johan vs. Doodlebug
122:  Duel Academia in Crisis!  Terror of the Zombie Students
123:  The One Who Releases the Seal, Martin
124:  Judai vs. Manjome - Dark Sword the Dragon Knight
125:  Johan, Jim, and O'Brian vs. the Three Masked Knights
126:  Disruption in the Academy!  The Growling Duel.
127:  The Rei Rescue Operation!  The E-Heroes vs the Fallen Angel Nurse
128:  Gem Beasts vs. Cyber End Dragon
129:  Threat of the Three Legendary Demons!  Judai vs. Martin
130:  The Awakening of the Rainbow Dragon
131:  Grand Gathering of Ace Cards!!  Open, Door of the Different Dimension!
132:  A Life or Death Duel
133:  Judai vs. Scarr, Scout of Dark World
134:  Judai vs. Zure, Knight of Dark World
135:  Judai vs. Brron, Mad King of Dark World
136:  Activate Sacred Scriptures of Wickedness!  Rain, Evil Lord of Dark Realm
137:  Sho's Decision!  [Proof of Friendship]
138:  Descendant of the Supreme King - The Death Duelists
139:  Dark Fusion!  Inferno Wing!
140:  The First and Probably Last Super Fusion Activation!
141:  The Supreme King of Terror!  The Wandering O'Brien
142:  The Victor is Righteous!  The Supreme King vs. O'Brien
143:  Volcanic Devil vs. the Most Heinous Evil Hero
144:  Activate!  Ultimate Unsealing Ritual Technique
145:  Summon the Ultimate Forbidden God, Exodius!
146:  The Sealed Fusion
147:  A Clash of Fates!  Cyber-Style vs. the Gem Beasts
148:  The Ulimate Dragon Showdown!  Cyber-End vs. Rainbow Dark
149:  Clash of the Demon Gods!  Mythic Demon vs. Exodia
150:  Summon Yubel!
151:  Neo vs. the Advanced Gem Beasts
152:  Activate Super Fusion!  Rainbow Neos
153:  Confrontation of the Chosen Cards!  Elemental Heroes vs. Yubel
154:  Supreme King Judai Resurrected
155:  Rainbow Neos vs. Yubel Ultimate Form
156:  Judai Revived?!  A Brand New Journey

Season Four

157:  A Looming Threat!  The Mysterious Visitor
158:  Farewell, Duel Academia!  The Path Judai Chooses
159:  The Truth Behind Darkness!  Judai vs. Fubuki
160:  Fusing Souls!  Neos vs. Five God Dragon
161:  Shall We Duel?  Invitation to a Pair Duel
162:  Judai vs. Asuka  Facedown Card of Hidden Emotions
163:  Challenge From Psycho Shocker
164:  The Inherited Cyber Dark Dragon
165:  Shoot for it Manjyome!  The Path to a Pro Duelist!

166:  Armed Dragon vs. Dragoon D. End
167:  Gratitude Duel!  Chronos vs. the Original Dropout Boy
168:  Opening of Graduation Duel!  Neos vs. Black Flame Dragon of Horus
169:  Compensation of Decision!  Darkness of O'Brian's Flame
170:  Saiou Returns!  Activate (The Decisive Power of Absolute Destiny!!)
171:  The End of Destiny!  Magma Neos vs. Dark Ruler
172:  Duel Academia Crisis!  The Gem Beasts Blocking the Way
173:  Darkness Invasion!  Stolen Memories
174:  Activate, Clear World!  Ferocious Negative Effect
175:  Battle Royal!  Judai vs. Johan vs. Fujiwara
176:  Rainbow Neos, Protector of Bonds vs. Clear Vicious Knight
177:  The Combo of Terror!  Nihility and Infinity
178:  The Last Hope!  Yuki Judai
179:  Farewell Judai!  A Tearful Graduation Ceremony
180:  The True Graduation Duel!  Judai vs. the Legendary Duelist (END)
Movie:  Super Fusion!  Bonds that Transcend Time