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A Shadow Game - OVA

001:  A Violent Battle, The Dark Game
002:  The Demon Gamer, Hell's Snare
003:  Clash!  The Strongest Monster
004:  Theft!  The Impossible to Find, Ultra-Rare Watch
005:  The Cat's Out of the Bag!  Yugi's Secret
006:  A Desperate Situation!!  The Burning, Decisive Battle for Friendship
007:  An Underhanded Trick, The Digital Pet Riot
008:  The Big Four of Games Finally Make Their Move
009:  Explosion, The Yo-Yo Ultimate, Secret Technique
010:  A Beautiful Teacher Draws Near, The Secret Mask
011:  Rumored Capsule Monsters, A New Entry
012:  An Enemy Who Calls on Good Luck, The Invinsible Legend
013:  Targeting Schoolgirls, The Fangs of Fortune Telling
014:  The Explosive Game and the Worst Date
015:  A Scaaary Girl!!  He Can't Transform
016:  A One-Shot Turnaround, The Doctor's Coat Crisis
017:  To The Very End Of The Game, Called Out By A Model
018:  Don't Reach Out Your Hand To The Forbidden Game
019:  A Big Melee!! The Popularity Contest
020:  He Has Come!  The Strongest and Final Trump Card
021:  Perfection!!  The Ultimate Gameland
022:  Destroy, Bounded Shooting
023:  Capsule Monsters King! The Final Battle For the Top
024:  Now!  Miraculous Friendship At The End
025:  A New Development, The Pretty Boy Attacks
026:  Clash of the Rivals, A Sticky Situation
027:  Friendship, From Legend to Myth

(OVA) Movie


Duelist Kingdom

001:  The Blood Curdling Blue-Eyes White Dragon
002:  The Trap of Illusionist Faceless Mage
003:  The Lost Exodia
004:  The Insector Combo
005:  Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
006:  Mai's Beautiful Harpies
007:  Kairyu-shin
008:  Stolen: Blue-Eyes White Dragon
009:  Magical Silk Hats to Save the Game
010:  Counter-Attack of the Blue Eyes White Dragon
011:  The Power of Friendship:  Barbarians 1 & 2
012:  Black Flame! Red Eyes Black Dragon
013:  Morphing Jar's Trap. Flame Swordsman's Narrow Escape
014:  Duel in the Dark! Castle of Dark Illusions
015:  Rend the Darkness! Sealing Swords of Light
016:  Fierce Battle! Blue Eyes vs Red Eyes
017:  Terror! Call of the Living Dead
018:  Shield in the Right Hand, Sword in the Left Hand
019:  Labyrinth Tag Duel
020:  Three-God Combination! Gate Guardian
021:  Black Demons Dragon
022:  The Destined Duel! Yugi vs Kaiba
023:  The Strongest! The Magnificent! Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
024:  Kuriboh Multiply! The Astonishing Result
025:  Duel of Tears! Friendship
026:  Rescue Mokuba! Kaiba vs Pegasus
027:  Kaiba Falls! Invincible Toon World
028:  The Night Before the Finals! Pegasus' Secrets
029:  Driven to Desperation! Temptation's Shadow
030:  The Legendary Strongest Soldier. Chaos Soldier Descends
031:  Brutal Heavy Metal Deck
032:  Time's Up! Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon
033:  The Final Game of Friendship - Yugi vs Jonouchi - Part I
034:  The Final Game of Friendship - Yugi vs Jonouchi - Part II
035:  Final Duel - Yugi vs Pegasus
036:  Attacks Impossible!? Invincible Toon Army
037:  Counterattack Begins! Mind Shuffle
038:  The Evil Eye Opens. Sacrifice
039:  The Fusion of Light and Darkness. Black Chaos Descends
040:  King of Duelists
041:  The Girl from America
042:  Deadly Shadow Ghoul
043:  The Big 5's Trap: Duel Monsters Quest
044:  Duel Monsters Quest 2 - The Legendary Hero Yugi
045:  Duel Monsters Quest 3 - Master of Dragon Knight
046:  Mysterious Transfer Student Otogi Ryuuji
047:  Showdown! Dungeon Dice Monsters
048:  Yugi's Desperate Battle. God Orguss's Violent Attack
049:  The Miracle Dimension: The Black Magician Summon

Battle City

050:  Challenge from the Past. Horrifying Zera
051:  The Broken Millennium Puzzle
052:  The Lost Memory of the Pharaoh
053:  Fiery Dance Battle
054:  This Town Becomes Battle City!
055:  Ghouls Attack! Take Aim at Red Eyes Black Dragon
056:  Fierce Fight! Battle City Begins
057:  Turn the Tables, Chain Destruction
058:  Esper Roba: Psychic Deck Terror
059:  The Courageous Bet, Spinning Roulette Spider
060:  Black Magician User Pandora
061:  Soul of the Black Magician
062:  Magician's Disciple: Black Magician Girl
063:  Trap of Revenge: Reckless! Parasite
064:  Steel Knight Gearfried
065:  Malik's Opening Play, God Combo
066:  Saint Dragon - The God of Osiris
067:  Overcoming God! The Ultimate Infinite Loop
068:  Unseen Enemy, Sea Stealth II
069:  Legendary Fisherman
070:  Spell of the Mask: The Skyscraper Duel
071:  Sealed God Cards
072:  Cooperate!
073:  Obelisk The Great War God
074:  Bonds
075:  The Coldhearted Duel: Yugi vs Jonouchi
076:  Report! Friendship's Red Eyes Black Dragon
077:  Countdown to Desperation
078:  Attack Me! The Fatal Last Turn
079:  Ghost Deck vs Occult Deck
080:  Meet Ninja Master Magnum
Battle Ship
081:  Battle Ship Take Off!
082:  The First Sky Duel: Yugi vs Dark Bakura
083:  Ouija Board's Death Call
084:  God Smashes the Darkness
085:  Hidden Power, The Purpose of the God Cards
086:  Jonouchi vs The Trap Deck
087:  The Inherited Card, Psycho Shocker Counterattack!
088:  Summon Ra the Winged God Dragon
089:  Ra's Rage: Stand Up! Jonouchi
090:  Mai vs Malik: Duel of Darkness
091:  Capturing the God Card
092:  The Riddle of the Hieratic Text
093:  Kaiba vs the Eighth Duelist
094:  One Attack Changes the Future
095:  The Truth About the Ishtars Revealed
096:  Malik vs Bakura
097:  One Turn Kill
098:  The Unknown Challenger: The Huge Mobile Fortress Surfaces
099:  Deck Master: Deep Sea Warrior
100:  The Terrifying Revival Combo
101:  Counterattacking Rainbow Arch
102:  Iceberg Duel: Anzu Targeted
103:  Shine! The Jewel of the Sage
104:  Deck Master: Judge Man's Judgment
105:  Betting on Victory
106:  A Man's Passage to the Stage: Honda's Death for Honor
107:  St. Joan: The Trinity's Attack
108:  Kidnapped Mokuba: Kaiba vs Psycho Shocker
109:  Attack from Space: Satellite Cannon
110:  The Mystery Deepens: Noah's True Colors
111:  The Big 5's Counterattack
112:  Jonouchi Targeted: Working Together for Victory
113:  Defeat! Five God Dragon
114:  Noah vs Seto: Duel of the Creation of Heaven and Earth
115:  Invincible Deck Master: The Miracle Ark
116:  Save Mokuba! The Fateful Seventh Turn
117:  The Deck Taken Over: Yugi vs Noah
118:  LP 10000 vs 100!!
119:  The Kaiba Family's Darkness
120:  Exodia Necross
121:  Escape!
Battle City TV Special
Clips from Battle City/Battle Ship arcs.
Alcatraz Duel Tower
122:  The Location of the Finals, Alcatraz
123:  Battle Royal
124:  The Respective Opponents
125:  Jonouchi vs Malik - Part I
126:  Jonouchi vs Malik - Part II
127:  The Tables Turn, Gilford the Lightning
128:  Jonouchi Falls
129:  The Sky Coliseum. Yugi vs Kaiba
130:  Three Knights to Call a God
131:  Clash! Osiris vs Obelisk
132:  Inherit the Destined Duel
133:  Promise to a Friend.  Red-Eyes Black Dragon
134:  Defeat Hatred! Black Paladin
135:  The Ordinary Duelist's Road of Flame. Jonouchi vs Kaiba
136:  Blue-Eyes White Dragon vs Blue-Eyes White Dragon
137:  The Road to Becoming a True Duelist
138:  The Final. Yugi vs Malik
139:  Devil's Sanctuary Called!
140:  Immortal Wall. God Slime
141:  Obelisk's Anger. Soul Energy—MAX
142:  The End of Battle City
143:  Alcatraz Burns
144:  Signs
Orthicalos Doom
145:  A New Dark Turmoil
146:  The Seal of Orthicalos
147:  The Nameless Dragon, Timaios
148:  Pegasus' Invitation
149:  Toon World Nightmare
150:  Wake Up!  Criteaus
151:  An Unexpected Enemy
152:  Mai Fallen Into Darkness
153:  Revive!  The Third Dragon
154:  The Miracle of Helmos
155:  Target the Nameless Pharaoh
156:  Yugi vs. Raphael's Iron Wall Guardian Deck
157:  The Truth About Doma
158:  The Darkness Within Yugi, Timaios Disappears!
159:  The Separated Souls
160:  Haga and Ryuuzaki, Soul Bet Duel - Part I
161:  Haga and Ryuuzaki, Soul Bet Duel - Part II
162:  Timaios Invoked
163:  Showdown!  The Two Yugis
164:  Orthicalos Soldier
165:  Varon Begins!  Enigmatic Dark Deck
166:  Amelda's Sky Duel of Revenge
167:  Sky Fortress Ziggurat - Part I
168:  Sky Fortress Ziggurat - Part II
169:  Clash!  Jonouchi vs. Varon
170:  Full Armor Gravitation
171:  Resounding Soul
172:  At the End of a Fierce Battle
173:  Bitter Victory
174: The Duel of Destiny!  Yugi vs Raphael
175: An Invulnerable Deathscythe
176: Attack the Dark Heart!
177: The Final Battle for Earth!  Dartz vs. Yugi and Kaiba
178: The Tragedy of Atlantis
179: The Captive Mirror Knights
180: The Third Seal of Orthicalos
181: Resurrect! The Three Legendary Knights
182: The Infinite Attack Power of the Serpent God
183: Battle of the Gods
184: Walk Into the Light
KC Grand Prix
185: KC Grand Prix Opening
186: Start of a Conspiracy
187: Jonouchi vs. Mask the Rock
188: The Illusive Ancient Dragon
189: Hot Battle! Rebecca vs. Vivian
190: Jonouchi vs. Sieg! A Gorgeous Duel
191: Goddess of Monster Extermination
192: Genius Girl vs. Genius Boy
193: Leon in Fairyland
194: Kaiba's Confusion! The Decisive Battle of KC Grand Prix
195: Valkyrie vs. Blue-Eyes White Dragon
196: The Decisive Battle of Duel King - Yugi vs. Leon
197: Stormburg, Castle of Gold
198: The End of KC Grand Prix
Pharaoh's Memory
199:  Ultimate Game
200:  Movement of Dark Bakura
201:  Watch Out! Bakura: King of Thieves
203:  Mahado's Decision
204:  Battle to the Death! Mahado Vs. Bakura
205:  Blue Eyed Kisara
206:  Secret of the Creation of the Millennium Items
207:  Wound Back Time
208:  Pharaoh Has Survived
209:  The Village Of Dead Spirits
210:  The End of Thief King Bakura
211:  New Stage
212:  The Dark Priest
213:  Countdown to Great Demon Revival
214:  White Dragon
215:  Revival of the Great Demon Zork
216:  The Legendary Protector God, Exodia Revives!
217:  Summon! The Three Gods
218:  Zork Vs. Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
219:  In the Name of the Pharaoh!!
Ceremonial Duel
220:  The Final Test
221:  Last Duel of Destiny
222:  Defeat the Three Gods!
223:  Strong Heart - Tender Heart
224:  The Story That Completes in the Light (END)
Movie 02
Hikari no Pyramid
Movie 03
Super Fusion! Bonds that Transcend Time



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